New Company added; Quantum Scientific Glass for Sale



At Brothers with Glass we’re always looking for new products to offer to our customer, while still maintaining our goal of providing the highest quality, and coolest looking pieces we can find. In order to continue that mission, we’re happy to announce that we’ll now be offering pieces made by Quantum Sci. When it comes to deciding to buy a piece of glass, it’s clear that the best options are typically those that offer the right mix between functionality and style, and that’s what Quantum Sci Glass seems  to have been able to do; strike that perfect balance.As of right now we have three glass pieces from Quantum Sci in stock and, while we’ll be adding a few more to the collection shortly, we’re very happy with what we can already offer.


The first new piece we have is a take on the classic and reliable beaker bong, with a few modifications that really make it stand out. The first great function of this piece comes from something that’s unfortunately pretty uncommon, and that’s a perc that starts at the slide piece. The chandelier attached to the 18mm downstem is designed so that, even at the start of your hit, the smoke is cooler and diffused. Following the chandelier downstem is another chandelier perc in the body of the beaker bong, which filters and cools the smoke even more, so that by the time the hit gets to you it’s incredibly smooth.


Quantum Sci Glass


Up next, with another classic, is the Quantum Sci straight water pipe. At 16” tall, this is the perfect piece for providing a great hit even with the straightforward design. While all of the potential percs are nice, there are many of us who enjoy the classic feel and simplicity of a straight-tube bong. With the hole poked downstem and ice catcher in the base, this traditional piece provides the smoothest hits, with the low resistance and straightforwardness of the straight pipe that we’ve all come to know and love.


Quantum Sci Glass Straight Bong


Finally, up last (but certainly not least) is the double chandelier angled water pipe. If there’s one genre of glass that seems to be growing in popularity the most quickly, it’s bubblers, and bubbler type pieces. Seeing as how they tend to run a little smaller, they provide the same smooth hit as a bong, but with a bit more of a personal look and feel. This piece in particular has two chandelier percs in the main body, which diffuses the smoke twice, and delivers the perfect hit that’s both cool, as well as smooth and filtered.


Quantum Sci Glass Double Chandelier Bong



Even with the excitement that we have in announcing these pieces, we’re eager to add the next new pieces to the website as they come in, and we think you’ll find them just as amazing. We’ve heard plenty of stories about customers who’ve bought glass from overseas and were dissatisfied with the quality, or found that they broke very easily. That’s why another great thing about Quantum Sci glass is that it’s made domestically in California to ensure a quality build and functionality for a fair price.


New Product: Roll-Uh-Bowl the bong that won’t break!


Glass pipes are amazing, beautiful, creative and most of us love smoking out of them but they have one flaw. They are breakable. Now,  good quality American glass can last a lifetime with proper use but a new type of bong has hit the market and its made of silicon. The RollUhBowl is a very portable water pipe that can fit in your pocket. The downstem is removable and makes for easy storage. They have a creative downstem system that has a small ball at the end of the downstem that both helps act as a diffuser to cool your smoke and a one way valve of sorts to prevent water from coming back up the downstem should you knock your bong over!  The custom slide or bowl that is included has a cool feature where you can push down on the spring loaded slide and clean the entire bowl of its ashed contents in one simple push!


Along with the design of the bong we really like that they are made in America. Roll Uh Bowls are 100% healthcare grade VI silicone. This all means its safe for use in smoking and no toxins! If you are not a fan of cleaning your smokeware you will for sure enjoy the ease of the roll uh bowl bong because you can simply place it in the dishwasher for simple easy cleaning. They even offer a adaber to turn the slide into a male joint so you can use your bong as a dab rig! Check out the video below and see if the Roll-Uh-Bowl is right for your next bong purchase!




BWG Picks: Our Favorite Weed Memes

Reaction memes are a very popular trend and weed memes are no different! Here are some of the funny stoner memes that we found that we like! Brothers with Glass crew even made a few of them, cause you know you gotta keep your dank meme game strong.


Tell us what you think of these dank stoner memes in the comments below! Or if you like this post and want to see more on our blog! If you have a meme you would like us to feature shoot us an email at contact@brotherswithglass.com


Celebrating 25 years of quality American glass with a huge sale!



We have been working with Chameleon Glass since we opened our shop in 2010 and consider them part of the BWG family. They stand out in the hand pipe market with constantly producing new designs that are always functional, sometimes trendy, funny, artistic or a little bit of everything. They created designs you see being copied all over. The Monsoon Spubbler, Ash Catcher Pipe and Typhon Hand Pipe and all popular and familiar designs that came from Chameleon Glass. Based in AZ they offer one of the largest selections of hand pipes, water pipes and dab rigs that is out there and they have been doing it for over 25 years!!


To celebrate this amazing achievement we are having a massive 25 day Chameleon Glass Sale where you can save 25% off your entire purchase of any Chameleon Glass product we have! The sale is going on now and will last until May 30th! Just use coupon code: CHAM25





More about Chameleon Glass from their website;




It’s not just a slogan, or a catchy graphic that we stick in the header of our website. At Chameleon, we work hard to come up with new and original concepts. Our standards for quality are unmatched in the industry. Not everything we do makes it into production. But the constant evolution through trial and error is what has made our products the best. We perform quality control checks under light and polariscope to detect cracks prior to shipping on every piece to ensure that defective glass and hidden imperfections are never delivered to our customers. We also check for functional superiority and aesthetic consistency to ensure the piece smokes well and looks like what we show on our website and in our catalog. So, even though you are buying a unique, hand made product, it won’t leave our shop unless passes these stringent standards. Follow us on Instagram, and you’ll get to see some of our cool one-offs and prototypes that help spawn our innovation.




We live in an increasingly globalized world, and you may think that little four word phrase doesn’t mean much anymore. When it comes to glass pipes, I can assure you that it certainly does matter. First, Chameleon Glass offers a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee. So if you’re not happy with our product, all you have to do is send it back. That’s reason enough for us to ensure that we are only shipping the finest in craftsmanship and quality to our customers. Second, our biggest competition in the glass industry are cheap knock-offs made in China. You probably don’t need to be reminded of the numerous reports of unsafe, tainted or contaminated products from China. There are reports of everything from poisoned baby formula and pet food to lead-laden toys and flip flops that cause chemical burns. The FDA consistently rejects food imports from China because of high levels of bacteria, carcinogens, and other gut-wrenching substances. Additionally, the US doesn’t allow glass pipe imports. That means that if you buy glassware made overseas, it came into this country without holes drilled in it (because then it’s technically not a pipe). It is then drilled out, leaving noxious gasses and fine glass dust particles to be inhaled by you. Still wanna buy that cheap Chinese-made glass pipe?




It’s worth mentioning again (and again). We are mad-crazy about making the best. Our pipes are double blown, hand-worked inside and out. The result is amazingly crisp, clean patterning and bright colors. For our signature color changing pipes, we have perfected the art of interlacing levels of silver, gold, platinum and copper for maximum color change. Finally, all of our pipes are annealed in the finest glass kilns to ensure they are strong and resistant to breaking. We have been in business for over 20 years. There’s something to be said about the experience that this brings. You won’t find a more innovative production shop out there. So, if you dig cool new glass designs, buy the original and support innovation!


Legal Marijuana Sales to Start Oct. 1 in Oregon

Earlier this summer, on July 1, recreational marijuana use became legal in the state of Oregon for the first time, making the state only the third to legalize the drug for nonmedical purposes. As the smoke cleared from the celebrations of tokers statewide, though, a flaw with the legalization effort became more and more clear: It was now legal to smoke weed, but there was no legal way to obtain it.
Under the framework of Measure 91, retail shops for recreational marijuana were expected to receive licenses starting in 2016, providing time for legislators and authorities to define the framework for sales and distribution to be regulated. However, this left a significant gap – more than a year, potentially – between legalization and lawful means to obtain marijuana. As a result, lawmakers passed a bill in late June and early July which Gov. Kate Brown signed late last month permitting existing medical marijuana dispensaries to sell marijuana to customers until the end of 2016.
Chameleon Glass Pinky ElephantThis emergency bill was passed to provide a stopgap means for recreational users to obtain products legally without the potential for individuals to have to perform an illegal transaction to be able to engage in a legal activity. The governor’s spokeswoman, Kristen Grainger, told The Huffington Post that the thinking on the law’s passage was simple: “If marijuana is legal to use, it shouldn’t be illegal to buy.”
Under the temporary measure, existing medical marijuana dispensaries can sell up to a quarter of an ounce to customers who are age 21 or older at their facilities daily. For those who are interested, plant seeds can also be purchased as well as up to four plants that are not flowering. The Huffington Post also notes that since state taxes on recreational sales also don’t take effect until Jan. 4, 2016, consumers can also enjoy a temporary sales tax holiday of sorts on purchases for the final three months of the year.
That’s good news for consumers. With the money saved from this sales tax reprieve, Oregonians – and customers from around the world – can invest in a new bong or dab rig to celebrate the occasion and enhance their experience with one of our many awesome American-made pipes. Check out our extensive inventory today, or contact us today for help finding the right glass for you.


Yellow Bong from TED 2 Movie is now available!

HVY Bong TED 2

Yellow Bong from TED 2 – Brothers With Glass

If you have not had a chance to see the new TED movie you should make some time soon. I thought it was better than the first, something rarely achieved in cinema today. As I was watching the movie for the first time I was so pleased to see the use of a glass bong rather than the oh so typical cheap acrylic bong. For so long movies overlooked the bong in the smoking scenes. Showing millionaires using a $10 bong was just bad writing. So when Amanda Seyfried’s character grabbed her yellow trim tree perc beaker bottom HVY bong I was excited to say the least. I immediately thought, finally a real bong in a movie! Then I remembered; hey! I sell HVY. Next day I put an order in an now they are available on our online smokeshop.  This is a pretty cool tube too it has a nice thick beaker bottom with a gritted downstem that leads up into a tree perc that does a wonderful job of diffusing the smoke and cooling it to enhance your overall experience. Complete with a bell dome to keep any splash back from getting up you have the option to also add some ice and really cool things down.  All this scientific magic is put together with some classy yellow lip wrap line work.


Yellow Bong TED 2 HVY Glass

Yellow Bong TED 2 HVY Glass


So after you get your TED 2 bong you can sit back and enjoy the movie once again but this time with a more authentic experience. These tubes are built to last made in California by HVY Glass. They have spent years making a name for themselves in the industry and producing high quality American made glass for affordable prices. With water pipes that start at only $55 and go up to $400-$500 and even some amazing custom projects and collabs with other famous artist going into the thousands! Brothers with Glass is excited to offer not only the bong from the movie Ted 2 but also most of the HVY line up at the lowest prices online! We even offer free gifts with any purchase over $35 and free shipping with all orders over $100!


Check out the scene where Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) first shows off the HVY Bong;




Chameleon Glass Sponge Bob Rig Review

Well this morning’s companion by the pool is the new rig from the creative folks at our friends out in the desert of Arizona, Chameleon Glass.  How do we know that people in the desert know how to make such a sea-faring Sponge of a rig?  Well let’s find out!


To start off our review of this Sponge Bob Dab Rig we first look at that neck line,  it’s like your long snorkel tube down into the ocean.  It provides a classy path of breath on your dive into the deep! It gives you three maria’s of “lifesavers” and prevents any water from getting down your throat! Next, we have the classy little dip, like throwing stones into the water, this dip into the glass is another prevention of getting too deep into the bubbles.  Now, look down into Mr. Squarepants – LOOK at that face! And we also noticed the way the glass is done so that his dimples are also smileys! He’s also very sweet with his famous bright blue eyes, and oh those famous expressive eyelashes!



 Under our favorite sponge, is a Reynolds ultra low drag perc  – In the pants is where it’s at! We found that making sure that the water is right at his belt line, was the best drag strength we wanted. You can also choose to set it right at his chin, and it made for a deeper, slower, splash-free chuggier experience.  Also, in the deep depths is an inline perc.  You’ll see that fill up when you add water to it for the first time.  Once you take your first hit from the mouthpiece, the water level will climb up to his pant line.  Like I said, that was our favorite level of chug for maximum diffusion.


And finally, the glass. We love the super classy long stemmed bowl – the flat bottom bowl allows you to press in your flower flat, and I normally don’t like such big bowls, but pulling on the bubbler, plus having all that air in the flower made for a long long airy drag.  Some people will prefer to hold this piece by the bottom, with your pointer finger in the stem, but we also found it comfortable to loop your thumb right in there with the crooked neck – and slide a few fingers in the bridge, kinda like your holding your favorite stein mug.  When it came time to drain the water, it seemed to be a breeze!  It funnels down through his backside with ease, and up and out the neck – it didn’t get held up much at all.  We also love the lipped bottom for extra Anchored support for all your best day ever!   Try this Chameleon and I’m sure you will enjoy our pineapple under the sea adventures!
Reviews by Lindsay K.



Oregon becomes the 3rd state to Legalize Recreational Marijuana

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July 1st was a very import day in history for Oregonians as we became the third state to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. The first of many celebrations was held on the Burnside bridge in Portland, Oregon at midnight. About five to six thousands stoners gathered on the bridge to celebrate our new found freedom. It was an amazing experience to see so many people together in celebration. There were lots of local dispensaries handing out free weed. Oregon’s Finest was there and said to have given away over 200 joints! Many other growers and kind stoners alike were sharing with strangers to ensure everyone had a toke a midnight. Part of the Brothers with Glass crew was there and we were able to hand out some free glass. We gave out a few Chameleon Glass hand pipes along with a bunch of mini bubblers and we even got to shock a random person with a sweet new bong from Biohazard glass.


Meeting under the iconic old town Portland sign we all waited for the clock to strike midnight before we lit up. Ironically we were all smoking in a public place making our sesh technically legal but we are lucky to live in a city where local law enforcement has always been lenient to public smoking. The bridge got crazy at midnight and from what we could see the bridge had effectively been closed down to a single lane. People were cheering and filling the air with weed everywhere. It was really cool to see all the different people there. We saw people from all walks of life some that clearly smoked and others you would not expect to see at a smoke out.


It was more than just being able to smoke some weed though, a lot of people we more happy about the positive impact this law will have on peoples lives.  In 2012 Oregon issued over six million dollars in citations for minor possession and nearly three thousand arrest were made(source)! Luckily that is a part of our past now and we can look forward to safer access to Marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. We are excited to see where Oregon goes with legalization, there are bound to be some bumps in the road but we have a unique opportunity to show the rest of the country watching the positive impact cannabis can have on our lives.


Check out a few pics we took at the event!

Photo Jun 30, 11 57 15 PM

July 1st Legal Weed in Orgeon




710 Dab Rig Kits now Available

We have a new section on our website that offers a bunch of different water pipes and dab rigs in a kit or bundle to help save you some cash! We currently have kits available from Chameleon Glass, Big Spence Boro, Fatboy Glass and more. Each kit comes with a Highly Educated Domeless upgrade! We also include a few non stick containers and a sweet grade two titanium paper clip style dabber. Each of the kits are discounted at least 30% compared to if you purchased all the products by themselves some have even more of a discount! These dab rig kits are great for anyone looking to upgrade your current rig situation or for those who are just getting into concentrates.  We chose to add Highly Educated to the kits as they have the most well known name in the titanium industry and are one of the most popular brands for all your titanium needs. Below are just a few of the kits we have available. To see them all check out our 710 Dab Rig Kits section on the website!





Have you accidentally ruined an entire batch of recycled glass? Find out!

Recycling products that you’re done with is always good – right? No! In the case of glass, recycling is a bit trickier.

Unfortunately a side effect of a fragile material such as glass is that it can break. It’s always a sad day when a pipe is broken but here’s what you need to know in order to pay proper respects to your fallen friend.

This pretty pipe by Grav Labs belongs in the trash

This pretty pipe by Grav Labs belongs in the trash

Consider this: with metal recycling, magnets can be used to automatically sort the contents of a recycling bin into different types of metal. There is no such trick with glass.

In order to understand why this is the case we have to know a little bit about different types of glass. While there’s many types of glass, we’re only going to focus on two: the most commonly found type of glass and the one used to make glass pipes.

Soda-lime Glass

The most commonly used type of glass is soda-lime glass. In fact, about 90% of glass products are made with this type. It is also known as “soft glass” and is the type of glass used to make bottles, jars, windows, and many other items. Soft glass can be re-softened and re-used many times which makes it the ideal choice for mass produced items that may only have a temporary usefulness.


Commonly called Pyrex (a branded version), borosilicate glass is widely used in scientific glassware where temperature and corrosion resistance are important. Glass must contain at least 5% boric oxide in it’s composition to be considered borosilicate. This type of glass must be tempered, which gives it strength that soft glass simply doesn’t have. Borosilicate is most commonly found in lightbulbs, laboratory equipment, cookware, and of course glass pipes.

Broken glass pipes :(

Broken glass pipes :(

But… it’s all just glass!

Even a tiny amount of borosilicate mixed in with a batch of soda-lime glass that is to be recycled can cause the ENTIRE batch of recycled glass to be ruined. Don’t be the one who makes your local recycling plant throw out a huge batch of melted down glass that could be reused instead of going to a landfill.

So, in the unfortunate event that a pipe of yours (or some Pyrex bakeware) breaks make sure you *carefully* place all of the pieces in the trash and NOT in glass recycling. You’re doing your local recycling center and the environment a favor!

“Great service,
excellent shipping in a safe discreet box. Quality of the glass was superb, a work of art.”

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