Blue Frog Glass Pipe

This frog pipe truely is a piece of art. This pipe can be set up on a mantle or anywhere and look like nothing more than a really cool blue glass frog. It’s only until you closer inspectict it when you realize it’s a pipe. It has a good sized bowl cleaverly placed on the underbelly of the frog. The mouth peice is at the frogs lips and the carb in on the backside. Our artist did a really good job capturing a realistic look not only from the shape of the frog but of the colors we used in the blue the spots on the back and detailed eyes. You really have to see this pipe in person to enjoy its beauty. Made of durable pyrex. Made with high quality Pyrex glass to ensure a smooth and durable finish. Size: 3.50″ x 3.10″

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“Great service,
excellent shipping in a safe discreet box. Quality of the glass was superb, a work of art.”

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