Brand New Grav Labs Products + Bear Mountain Studios +Snic

We are stoked to show off some of the new Grav Labs products we have just added to the site. We have new Icee cups in three different colors and they have been very popular! The Icee cups are made to look like your favorite frozen drink cup but this one packs a different brain freeze.  The best part about the new cups is they are a versatile water pipe in that they have a female joint and also come with an adapter so they can be used for concentrates too as well as legal herbs.4lzanr0d
Next up on the new products list from Grav Labs is the Snic beaker rigs! These little rigs froth and can hold more water than you would think. We did several water test and didn’t drink on any of them, great results for such a small little vapor rig. These bad boys do a great job of keeping the flavor just right too. The overall design is clean and effective and look like another great addition to the Grav Labs rig line up.

Then we have some Bear Mountain Studios Recyclers that are the bomb! They have a totally new way of recycling compared to most of the rigs on the market.  Recyclers have been changing a lot over the past couple of years and this twist is a nice addition to the Grav family. Its nice to see Grav starting to do more colab projects with other artist like Bear Mountain Studios and Snic. Brothers with Glass offers all the new Grav Labs products and you can check them all out here.qje7g79w

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