Brothers with Glass Memorial Sale Starts Now!

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Memorial Day is coming this Monday. A time to honor those who have payed the ultimate price for our country and help make it what it is today. Every year we have a sale during this time but this year we wanted to also give back to the soldiers who fought to keep us free.

Our sale starts now and by using the coupon code USA710 you will save 10% off your entire order! In addition to you getting a discount we will donate a 5% of our profits from the proceeds of this sale to Hope For The Warriors. They are one of the highest ranked charities helping veterans. They do great work to help family’s better adjust to life after difficult times.  From their website;

“We believe those touched by military service can succeed at home by restoring their sense of self, family, and hope. Nationally, Hope For The Warriors® provides comprehensive support programs for service members, veterans, and military families that are focused on transition, health and wellness, peer engagement, and connections to community resources.”

So if you have been looking for some new glass now is a great time to pick up that new pipe and help out a veteran in the process! We have lots of new glass in stock and don’t forget to check the clearance section and find some even bigger discounts!!


Customer Reviews for Brothers with Glass

badges-500-preview-61c69c184b347ea3fdb600bc188f7c6d[1]A few short months ago we added a third part review service to our website. This was a very important feature to add as we felt it would give us feedback from our customers about how were are doing and help us continue to improve their shopping experience. Since implementing this service we have gotten over 500 reviews from happy satisfied customers and some with some very helpful suggestions which we are grateful for! Here are a few of the reviews we have received so far!

“This is a fantastic purchase for the money, The straight tube is amazing and really powers super milky smooth hits right to the user. The bowl that comes with the pipe is enormous, and you’ll want to get some glass screens for it. This is my first water pipe with a natural perc and I have got to say I love it, honestly not having a downstem is nice because this piece is just that much easier to clean. The craftsmanship and glass are top notch here. It is light but feels sturdy. I very much love it. Took 3 working days to get to east coast. Will be buying from BWG again.” – Sam B. (05/19/2015)

“Bwg is Best online shop I’v found so far, the site is easy to navigate and the service is great, I received my package in about 3 days which was awesome because last time I ordered from another site and it took almost a month to receive my products” – Christopher D. (05/17/2015)

“This is by far my favorite piece in existence. I hate using a lot of tobacco and usually use my cigarette style one hitter for when I want to conserve. This steamroller has slightly smaller bowl for tobacco than other hand pipes but my god does it make the best out of whats in there. Each pack gets a solid three big hits but can go as far as 10 with a group. This product as of 3/11 is also out of stock everywhere except here and at this price is too good. My friend spent 50 at his local shop for the same piece. The shipping was fast and customer service kicks ass BWG is my new shop!” – John M. (03/11/15)

“Wow!!! Why would anyone shop anywhere else?! My order arived in NC three days after placing the order, the products exceeded my expectations. The fire and ice water pipe is made from heavy duty glass and the quality of the pipe is unparalleled, not the the cheap knock-off products produced in China. This water pipe is highly functional AND it’s stylish, not often you can get those two things in the same product. I have book marked your web-site as my “go to” for any future purchases. Stop thinking about it and just place your order…you won’t be sorry.” – Edward A. (01/13/2015)

“I ordered a Black Market Glass Classic Small Bubble Bottom (pretty sure I got the last one!) and oh my goodness! Not only did I get it two days later (didn’t even opt for faster shipping!!) but they also gave me some hemp wick! Whoa! This is definitely the BEST experience I’ve had with buying this sort of stuff online. This is definetely my go to now, and I will recommend to anyone looking for a good place to buy glass.” – Jasmyne J. (01/10/2015)

“I love BWG! Every order has made it to me quickly and safely. When i changed my shipping address, they called me before shipping to make sure it was actually me, and not a thief. I recently E-mailed them about a piece that i want but they do not have. Most places i have found it are $269 to $300, BWG E-mails me back saying they could have it shortly, for $250! Not to mention free shipping over $100 and a freebee gift after $35…. It’s where I buy my Glass. Thank you BWG.” – Michel M. (12/22/14)

These are just a few of the many reviews we have on our online headshop. You can find even more reviews by stopping by our review page and see what everyone else had said about their shopping experience with Brothers with Glass


Massive Liberty Glass 503 Heady Drop! Rigs, bubblers, Sherlocks, Spoons, Domes and More!

Your best source for freedom from boring glass pipes
Brothers With Glass is the premier spot to find functional glass art made by Liberty 503 right here in Portland, Oregon. That’s why today we are proud to showcase a whole new set of carved concentrate rigs, bubblers, and a water pipe that are available exclusively at BWG. As a newsletter subscriber you’ve got first notice (and first dibs) on these works of art. We’ll have even more heady glass by Liberty 503 available on our site early next week so stay tuned to this newsletter for the latest!
Just like their popular spoons, these pipes are unlike anything other glassware out there. Each one has been painstakingly sculpted, masked, and carved – taking hours of effort from several artists before it has a chance to find a new home. If you’re looking for a one of a kind rig that is sure to wow all of your friends and impress you every time you touch it, you’ve gotta check out these pipes by Liberty 503.

Everything in our store – including all of the new glass by Liberty 503 – is marked down by at least 10%! One item featured in this email is marked down over 30% so it won’t last long. (Hint: It’s the black electroformed hammer). Don’t forget to enter our 4/20 giveaway for your chance to win a huge prize pack full of glass!


Highly Educated Titanium Nails, Dabbers and More now Available

Time to heat things up!

Highly Educated makes some of the most innovative designs for titanium and have become the most trusted name in the concentrate nail game. We recently picked up some of their more popular designs and they’re now available on our site!

Whether you’re looking for a domeless style or you prefer a dome and nail, we’ve got what you need to vaporize concentrates in style. INFINITi, Flux, M-Class Flux nails, and dabbers are in stock and ready to ship right to your door.BWG-HEFINITI-7T[1]
Everything in our store is on sale until 4/20, including all titanium from Highly Educated. There’s no better time to upgrade your dab setup than right now during our the sale! Plus it’s a great time to pick up a new rig and torch to complete your collection.

Don’t forget to enter our 4/20 giveaway for your chance to win a HUGE prize pack full of glass and accessories! Go to to enter.BWG-HEDOMELESS10-2T[1]


Are you ready for the holiday?

The upcoming holiday, April 20th, has a different meaning for everyone. Whether you’re hanging out in a circle of your friends, checking out some live music, stuck at work, couch locked, or anything else, that day has a special meaning to those in the know. Though the exact origins of the holiday are uncertain, the meaning it has come to have is not. It is a day for camaraderie, celebration, and of course a few bowls using your favorite glass.
Here at BWG, 4/20 means it is time for a huge sale and discounts store wide! Everything in the store is marked down by at least 10% until April 20th. Select items are marked down even further, discounted up to 30% off the regular price.

We’ve got even more glass on the way from ZobTreehouse GlassHVYNebula GlassC2 Custom CreationsSilika GlassMathematix, and more. So if you don’t see something you want to pick up today, stay subscribed to our newsletter for the latest updates!

On top of all the rest of the great things about this sale, this year we’ll have a special drop of a BUNCH of heady concentrate rigs by Liberty 503. These rigs will only be available at BWG, the best source for sandblasted pipes and rigs made right here in Portland. Stay tuned for the drop.

The sale ends at midnight on April 20th. To be sure you’ll receive your new glass before 4/20 you should place your order by midnight on Wednesday, April 15th.

Glass Pipe Quality Control and Why It Matters

We have been in the business of buying glass for five years and enthusiasts of functional glassware for much longer. In that time we’ve seen it all – pipes that make no sense, glass broken in ways that seem impossible, and most importantly, widely varying quality control standards. After years of inspecting thousands of different pipes it is clear that while many glassblowers take the consistency and quality of their products very seriously, many others do not.

It’s not American vs. Import

There are some glass artists who will destroy any piece that does not fit their exact artistic vision or style. There are plenty of others who don’t care at all about bubbles in welds or tool marks scratched into the glass. Their attitude towards what makes a piece acceptable and finished does not depend at all on the geographic location of their workbench. Only their mindset. However there is a clear divide between American and imported glass. The biggest difference between the two is that many (but not all) American glassblowers have a very low rejection threshold on finished pieces. Meaning if anything is even slightly off, it goes in the trash and they start over. This simply doesn’t happen in the large overseas pipe manufacturing operations which is precisely why imported glass is generally spurned by knowledgeable consumers.

It’s true that you can find hand pipes, bongs, and even vapor rigs that are imported from overseas that cost less than you’ll find from any American made brand. Those imported pipes are generally made in hot, sweaty shops where the workers are paid poorly while working in terrible conditions. When you’re paid by how many spoons you can crank out per hour, you don’t care about anything but working as quickly as possible. This sort of environment simply cannot produce high quality products. Couple that with a lax or nonexistent quality control program and you’ve got cheap glass that won’t hold up to any abuse.

But, just because it’s made in another country does not mean it can’t be of quality. The manufacturers in other countries simply haven’t put quality measures into place because their niche is extremely cheap products that need to be replaced regularly. Speed and quantity are the name of their game and they are very good at it.

So why does any of this matter?

Many people cannot afford an expensive tube of glass much less the materials necessary to enjoy it with. There will always be a place for cheaply made goods that are at highly replaceable. However, that’s not what we are about at Brothers With Glass. In our early days we imported glass on several occasions because it was inexpensive yet still functional. It didn’t take long for us to get fed up with the quality issues and lack of recourse for problems we encountered – and there were a lot. Since then we have made our focus to find the highest quality functional glassware on the market and offer it at a price that actually makes sense.

The bottom line is that when shopping for anything – especially something you’re going to use to smoke – you should do your research to find the best quality piece in your budget.

Is it true that glass from China is bad or dangerous?

For me personally, where the glass was melted into the shape of a pipe does not really matter. I use products that were made in Pakistan, China, India, Indonesia, and others on a regular basis. So do you. However none of those items are glassware that I use to smoke. That’s also why I only buy high quality cookware and utensils; I don’t want to endanger my health by using inferior products for things I am going to put into my body.

If you start with quality materials, have a skilled craftsman, and a strict set of quality standards, the output is high quality products. That is hard to find with imported glassware. Instead you find impure, lower quality borosilicate being used to create pipes very quickly and with little to no oversight or regard for consistency or the safety of the user.

Quality starts long before the torches are fired up

All of the glass companies that we work with have a tight quality control process and some of the larger brands such as Chameleon Glass, Zob, Grav Labs, and plenty of others even have entire teams dedicated to quality control. These guys take quality seriously from start to finish. By using clean gas to power their torches, scientific grade borosilicate glass, pure metals for fuming, high quality color rods, and a tidy work space they are able to maintain a consistent line of high quality products.

The quality team’s job is to inspect each and every piece for cracks, chips, bad welds, adherence to design, and just shitty work. Anything that doesn’t meet standards is discarded. That’s before it even gets to us. We also inspect every item we ship for quality issues. If we encounter too many problems with an artist or brand then we will stop carrying them. We only want to work with people that are serious about creating the best possible products that are free from defects and sloppy work. It’s that simple.

Economics 101

Imported glass pipes are a divisive topic. For many, buying inexpensive glass makes sense because glass can break. However, like just about everything else in life, you get what you pay for. You could buy a $30 set of boots from the local big box store or you could buy a $300 pair of boots from an American manufacturer with high quality standards. There’s a reason those boots are $300 and it is not because the boot factory workers union stipulates a minimum wage of $20/hr (I just made that up). It’s because that company has spent tons of time, effort, and money on making products that will last a lifetime. Sure, those expensive boots will still wear out eventually. Even the most expensive glassware can still break. The difference is that with proper care the lifetime of those products that were more expensive will be significantly longer.

It’s important to note that a high price does not imply high quality. There’s a lot of people out there just looking to make money and will charge as much as they can get away with and cut corners wherever possible. Luckily people like that are pushed out of the glass scene pretty quickly.

How can I tell if a piece is quality?

Buying your glass from a reputable headshop is the best way to ensure that you’re not getting ripped off. Talk to the folks there about who made the glass. Ask them what type of glass the artist used to make the piece. Ask them about the thickness of the glass. If they can’t provide any of this information or avoid your questions, it’s likely that this is a piece you shouldn’t pick up. It’s also not a shop worth visiting anymore.
It’s not always easy to immediately tell if a pipe is quality or not. It has taken me years of learning and being immersed in the glass culture to hone my glass inspection skills. While I can’t teach you everything I know in a simple blog article, I can provide some insights.
Here’s a few quick tips for identifying quality in a glass pipe:
  • For water pipes and concentrate vapor rigs, look at the joint. If it’s thin, really rough, or just feels like it would break easily then it should be avoided. The lip of the joint should be much thicker and heftier than the body. The joint is one of the most abused and likely to break parts of a pipe so make sure it’s thick and strong.
  • In a hand pipe, the carb hole should be larger than the hole at the bottom of the bowl. If it isn’t then the pipe will be extremely difficult to clear properly.
  • The thickness of any pipe should be uniform throughout. Tap around on the glass lightly with your fingernail and listen to it. You will be able to feel and hear thin spots and where the glass has been blown out and not condensed. Exceptions to this would be marbles or special artwork that makes one section of the pipe thicker.
  • Inspect welds closely. If not done properly, many tiny bubbles can form when two different pieces of glass have been melted together. It’s not abnormal for a few small bubbles to exist in a weld but ideally there are none. Pieces with lots of bubbles should be avoided as they are potentially weakened and more likely to break at the weld.
  • Look closely for thin scratches on the glass. These are commonly caused by tools used to grab and hold onto the glass during the final stages of production. Lots of scratches are a sign of rushed work and lack of attention to detail.
Now go forth and use this new knowledge to find yourself a high quality glass smoking utensil!

– Jason at Brothers With Glass


Tons of new designs and more on the way!

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The holiday season is pretty much over, but winter is not. Luckily we have a bunch of new glass in stock and on the way to help you cope with cabin fever! So grab a blanket, get a fire started, and come visit us when you’re nice and cozy. Because what better way to start off 2015 than with an upgrade to your smoking experience? If that isn’t already one of your resolutions for this year, then you’re welcome for the inspiration.

We’ve got brand new styles from Chameleon Glass, C2 Custom Creations, Liberty 503, and Biohazard Glass. Plus a bunch of new stuff from Zob, Atmos, Mathematix, and even some e-nails are on the way! In other words, you don’t want to miss upcoming newsletters because we’ll be introducing tons of new products and brands over the next few weeks.

C2 Custom Creations

With a revamped catalog for 2015, C2 is killing it! Their stylish new rigs and water pipes with extremely functional percs are a perfect blend of heady and scientific. If you’re looking for a unique and interesting piece that works like a dream, you need to check out the new glass from C2 at Brothers With Glass!

New Glass From Liberty 503

During a recent visit to our friends at Liberty 503 we got some really cool new spoons that are now up on our site. Including a new frit design and also a colorful deep carve with a beautiful, flowery pattern blasted into the surface. To get a heady, hand made, one of a kind hand pipe or vapor rig you’ve gotta check out Libery 503!

Biohazard Glass

For a high quality pipe that won’t break the bank, check out our selection of Biohazard Glass! They’re a new addition to our shelves featuring sturdy beaker style water pipes and double perc vapor rigs.

Psylent Glass Drip Pendants

We just picked up some kick ass new pendants from a local artist! We have several styles in stock featuring drips, honeycombs, or opals.
Starting at Just $30

Treehouse Glass Bubblers and Rigs

Looking for a super scientific bubbler that stacks bubbles like crazy? Then you need to check out Treehouse Glass. Their unique percs are not found in any other pieces and provide fantastic function along with laboratory grade style.


Dabman Lanterns – A Brand New Vapor Rig from Realization Glass

After much anticipation and lots of inquiries, the Dabman vapor rig by Realazation Glass is finally ready to be shared with the world! Available exclusively at Brothers With Glass, we are the only place to get one of these beautiful camping lantern inspired pieces.rkrmmxbr
Because we are so excited about these badass little rigs we are offering a 10% discount for the first batch. There’s only 50 available at a discount. The prices have been adjusted for a very limited time so if you want to be one of the very first people to own one, now is your chance!c5xvz1ku


Brand New Grav Labs Products + Bear Mountain Studios +Snic

We are stoked to show off some of the new Grav Labs products we have just added to the site. We have new Icee cups in three different colors and they have been very popular! The Icee cups are made to look like your favorite frozen drink cup but this one packs a different brain freeze.  The best part about the new cups is they are a versatile water pipe in that they have a female joint and also come with an adapter so they can be used for concentrates too as well as legal herbs.4lzanr0d
Next up on the new products list from Grav Labs is the Snic beaker rigs! These little rigs froth and can hold more water than you would think. We did several water test and didn’t drink on any of them, great results for such a small little vapor rig. These bad boys do a great job of keeping the flavor just right too. The overall design is clean and effective and look like another great addition to the Grav Labs rig line up.

Then we have some Bear Mountain Studios Recyclers that are the bomb! They have a totally new way of recycling compared to most of the rigs on the market.  Recyclers have been changing a lot over the past couple of years and this twist is a nice addition to the Grav family. Its nice to see Grav starting to do more colab projects with other artist like Bear Mountain Studios and Snic. Brothers with Glass offers all the new Grav Labs products and you can check them all out here.qje7g79w


Big News for Oregon with Measure 91

Well this was a very exciting mid term election for the Brothers with Glass crew and you too I am sure! Yesterday was another historic day for Marijuana. Not only for Oregon but for Washington D.C. and Alaska. States like Maine and Michigan also had medical measures pass. This not only means big changes for the current times but it will surely make an interesting 2016 with Marijuana sure to be a very important topic and hopefully a talking point for the next wave of politicians.Photo+Nov+05,+8+39+22+AM[1]

Here in Oregon we are excited to see how this new law will positively affect our lives and our families lives.  We are very excited to see the many benefits of no longer wasting money on fighting a plant. The MPP has a great write up highlighting all of the ballots that have to do with MJ.

“Great service,
excellent shipping in a safe discreet box. Quality of the glass was superb, a work of art.”

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